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The Networking Guide to African American Resources

Six Directories in SuccessGuide -

Each directory includes name, address, phone, email and/or website.


1. Listings of Local Clubs and Organizations help you network. 
Find the name, individual to contact and telephone number for major clubs and organizations in this section


2. Find the seasoned Leaders in your city.
They are the movers and shakers, the people who make things happen. They are the ones who get important jobs done. They are listed in the Elected Officialssection.


3. Churches listed in your market.


4. Professionals are listed by occupation.
In this section local professionals are listed according to occupation: Arts & Culture, Corporations, Education, Government, Health Care, Human Services, Labor, etc.


5. Physicians list by speciality.


6. Black Businesses categorically listed.
The directory of businesses, services and sales personnel is the key to instant networking.

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